Does the Euro slide represent a currency trading opportunity?

With Greece poised to leave the Euro zone, perhaps as soon as June 18th after their elections and Spain having more difficulty – and everyday admitting to needing more money than the previous day, the Euro has suffered.

This represents an opportunity (always risky) for making money off the decline in the Euro. The currency trading (forex) market provides great opportunities for making and losing money – largely due to leverage (200:1 in many countries, Americans are limited to 50:1 maximum leverage in their accounts).

Some interesting information:
- Approximately $4 Trillion is traded in the forex markets each day
- Currency markets are 24 hours – with some important trading centers being New York, London, Tokyo – the timezones are covered.
- 95% of retail (individual) traders LOSE money in forex, so if you would like to try it we recommend studying first. One place we have found that we like is

We will also be recommending a reading list shortly…

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