Getting Back to Even and VigLink

Jim Cramer’s book Getting Back To Even is a great read and written in his friendy style. Particularly interesting is the idea regarding “stock replacement” by using deep-in-the-money calls to create long positions. Look forward to a more in depth review and reviews of other books such as the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson.

Also please note that this post itself is a test of a service called “viglink”. Viglink automates affiliate program links for your website – it is an affiliate program aggregator.
You don’t need to join individual affiliate programs, VigLink maintains the relationships (and 25% of of the affiliate revenue). You can even use this is you are in a state that was kicked out of Amazon’s or other affiliate programs due to those states attempting to change their sales tax laws. This is because VigLink is the affiliate and you are a subcontractor for VigLink. It truly sounds like a promising concept.

Yes they do take 25% but we expect it to be much more manageable than any other affiliate program. In fact we will be tracking this and writing about VigLink itself on “Business Opportunities”.

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